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Duties and Responsibilities of
the Belize Port Authority

  • to operate the port to best serve the public interest;
  • to regulate and control navigation within the limits of national waterways, harbours, ports and their approaches;
  • to maintain, improve, and regulate the use of port facilities and services as necessary;
  • to provide for ports and their approaches, pilotage services, beacons, buoys and other navigational services and aids as required;
  • to exercise the duties and functions relating to shipping and navigation exercisable under the provisions of any other law
  • to perform monitoring functions, particularly in relation to dredging and the removal of wrecks and other obstructions to navigation, to maintain safe navigation channels
  • to enforce safety standards and safety of navigation rules, registration, inspection, and  issuing of sea-worthiness certificates for domestic vessels  and issuing of certificates of  competence to Boat Masters;
  • to conduct maritime casualty inquiries
  • to implement, enforce and monitor all the international instruments relating to port State  control
  • to enforce the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code at port facilities
  • to regulate port activities and clearance
  • coordinate the implementation of policies relating to maritime affairs and promote the integration of such policies into national development projects;
  • to advise the Government on legislative and other measures necessary for the implementation of relevant international conventions, treaties, agreements to which Belize is a party;
  • to ensure in collaboration with such other public agencies and institutions, the prevention of marine pollution, and protection of the marine environment.

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