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The Belize Port Authority (BPA) continues to meet its mandate by regulating & implementing new ways to better serve the maritime interest.

Our mission is to provide a safe and secure maritime environment for future generations. Mariners are encouraged to practice safe boating and to be familiar with all Laws and Regulations!

Maritime Security

The Belize Port Authority is the designated Authority responsible to determine which facility shall be a “Port Facility” for the purposes of compliance with the Port Security Regulations and the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.  Each of these facilities have a designated Port Facility Security Officer and they are all operating under an approved Port Facility Security Plan.

Commerce Bight Port

Commerce Bight Port is located at 16°56.00’’N latitude and 088°14.15’’W longitude.

Fort Street Tourism Village

Fort Street Tourism Village is located at the mouth of Halouver Creek on approximately two (02) acres of land on the Northern Bank.

Harvest Caye Port

The Harvest Caye Port is located at 16°28’30.3”N latitude and 88°24”20.2″W longitude.

Port of Belize Limited

Port of Belize Limited is located on the South Side of Belize City at 17°28.80’’N  latitude and 088°12.20’’W longitude.

Port of Big Creek

Port of Big Creek is located in Stann Creek District at coordinates 16°31.087’’N latitude and 088°24.29’’W longitude.

Puma Energy Bahamas S.A

The Puma Energy Bahamas S.A facility is located at 17ᴼ28’54”N latitude, 088 ᴼ11’55”W and longitude.

Punta Gorda Port

Punta Gorda Port is located at 16°06’2”N latitude and 088°48’3”W longitude.

San Pedro Terminal

San Pedro Terminal is located 17°55’10”N latitude and 087°57’51”W longitude.


WITCONCRETE is located about 10 miles South of Belize or at  position17°20.26’’N latitude and 088°11.32’’W longitude.

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