Entry Requirements

Ships’ Documentation:

Ship’s documents may be submitted at the Authority’s headquarters during normal working hours from Monday-Friday and on weekends and holidays. Arrangements must be made by 4:00 pm of the preceding work days for services.
1.             Notice of Arrival (N.O.A)
2.             Notice of Departure (N.O.D)
3.             Crew list (C.L)
4.             Nil Lists (N.L)
5.             Pilotage Report (P.R)
6.             Passenger Manifest (P.M)
7.             Application for Clearance (A.C)
Procedures for submitting the forms:
Notice of Arrival: 
The estimated time of arrival (E.T.A) of a ship must be received by the Belize Port Authority no later than 48 hours in advance.
Under no circumstances must the Notice of Arrival form be submitted after the ship has arrived. 
All vessels carrying dangerous goods onboard should send a list of items or a manifest of dangerous goods on board no later than 48 hours in advance.

Notice of Departure:
Notice of Departure forms must be submitted no later than two (02) hours before departure and no earlier than four (04) hours before departure. 
Application for clearance can only be granted if all documents listed below have been submitted to the Authority in good order at the time of request for clearance.
1.        Crew list
2.        Nil Lists
3.        Pilotage Report
4.        Passenger Manifest
5.        Application for Clearance
When submitting the Passenger Manifest document only a condense version is required showing the distribution by nationality. 
Methods of Submission:
for Ship Documents:
Fax: 222-5664 or
For Notice of Departure & Clearance:
Hand delivered
Any ships that enters a port for the purpose of loading or discharging cargo or embarking or disembarking passengers; or occupies an anchorage or berth within the port shall pay to the Authority the dues and charges in respect of such ship and for services performed or facility provided in respect of such ship in accordance with the regulations.

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999 - Emergerncy Hotline

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